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to make sure that ever close the union doesn't apply to the united kingdom. these are the things that we are fighting for. let me put it to him again. we want a renegotiation and then out referendum. what does he want? what doesn't he know? >> ed miliband. >> so, mr. speaker, four hours since the big speech, he can't answer the most basic question of all. whether he is for yes, whether he is for yes or whether he is for no. and why can he answer, mr. speaker? why can't he say unequivocally that he will vote yes in a referendum? because he is frightened because of the people behind him. and the only thing that's changed is a few months ago when he said he was against and in out referendum is not the situation in europe, but a situation in the tory party. why doesn't he admit this? he is being driven to it not by the national interest but being dragged to it by his party. [shouting] >> the most basic question of all is the one of referendum? i do. does he? >> ed miliband. >> no, we don't want and in out referendum. [shouting] >> my position is precisely the same as his position when we vot
won't do. we will not renegotiate scotland's exit from the united kingdom. [shouting] it is frankly, it is his party that wants to break up the united kingdom, and its or his party to make the case. [shouting] >> would my right honorable friend confirmed, thank you the 2 million plus surge in net immigration under the last labour government has resulted in severe housing shortage is, critical overstretch and our infrastructure, and one household in 20 who don't speak english? would he agree with me that it's in the interest of all british citizens that we're starting to get a grip on our borders of? >> i think my honorable friend is right to give you take the last decade, net migration to the uk was running at over 200,000 a year. that was 2 million across a decade. that's the equivalent of two cities the size of birmingham. it was too far, too high and less government there's a huge responsibility for not taking responsible decisions. we have taken responsible decisions. we are dealing with, for instance, bogus colleges and bogus students, and the level of net migration has come do
the war, they were getting married in droves, and bella bridesmaid skinner a household in the united states so many words he married in skinner's bridal satin. it catapult the company to a whole other level of success. now, the company survived until 1961. it was 113 years after skinner founded in 1848. and the extraordinary impact the company had throughout its existence was such that reader's digest actually includes william skinner in the middle of the 20 center on a list of some of the most influential englishmen to land on american soil. and reader's digest at that time has the largest readership and the country, second only to the bible. i mentioned earlier that one of the questions that writers are asked is, so what's your book about? shortly thereafter they will ask, how did you find your story? and how i came upon this story have to do with my family. william skinner was my great-great-grandfather. here is an image of him around the age of 30. he just lost his first wife, nancy. he is a widower and his photograph with his two young daughters. he also just opened his silk mil
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3